An Overview of Research Centers

  Software School of Xiamen University isin possession of a quality faculty team with good educationbackground, professional title and rich experience in teaching, scientific research and practical experience. Currently there are 49 faculty members, including 8 professors, 19 associate professors, 11 assistant professors, 2 assistant tutors, 1 senior engineer, 6 engineers, and 2 assistant engineers, 32 of whomhave received doctoral degrees, 10 master degrees. There are also 1195 graduate students.

  The software R&D center in Software School of Xiamen Universitywas set up firstly for faculty and graduate students to conduct software research and development, and then as a practice base inside the university for relevant students. Currently there are eight different R&D centers in terms of research orientation. 

  1. R&D Center on Mobile Internet Application Technology
  The Center conducts research on basic theory on mobile computing for mobile Internet,and the applicationand development work in related field of mobile computing as follows: wireless ad hoc networks, sensor network technology, mobile terminal based digital media technology, big data processing. 

  2. R&D Center on Software Service and Application                  
  The center is mainly dedicated to scientific and technological needsby combing the advantages of special location, human resources, market and local industry and government around Xiamen, Fujian Province and the west coast of Strait Economic Zone in the market-oriented field such as electronic information and modern service industry, to be more specific, cloud computing, big data, smart cities(environmentally friendly), 3D printing, R&D of software projectand product, production and marketing.

  3. R&D Center on Machine Learning and Data Mining
  Established in June 2009, the center is committed to satisfying the major demands of the country and society in artificial intelligence industry. The main research areas include multitask deep learning, face recognition, face super-resolution analysis, computer-aided medical diagnosis, big data analytics, content-based image retrieval, web search & mining and bioinformatics. In light of the significant demands of Fujian province in the areas of Smarter Healthcare system, security and industrial automation, the center is strengthening its cooperation with related fields from outside especially in computer-aided medical diagnosis,face recognition in railway stations, airports and other public places, big data analysis and industrial robot R&D. There are eight faculty members, (one professor, five associate professors, and two assistant professors), one doctoral student and fifteen graduate students. In recent years, the research center undertakes more than 20 projects from the National Technology Support Program, National Natural Science Foundation project, science and technology key project in Fujian Province and industry-university collaborative research projects; the center has filed17 patents(5 patents for invention, 12 patents of utility models) and has got 25 software copyrights. Hundreds of academic papers were published and many of them top international conference journals, such as ICML, IJCAI.

  4. R&D Center on Cloud Computing and Big Data Processing
  Established to meet the scientific and technological needs of Fujian Province in the field of information technology of new generation in Free Trade Area, oriented by market demands with the goal of application innovation, the center carries out research and projects on vehicle networking, cloud computing, big data, cross-border electronic business, product R&D,  production and marketing by combining the regional advantages of human resources and market advantages of local government and industry.

  5. R&D Center on Information Security Technology
  The Center does research on basic theory, applied technology and application development on the area of information security. Specific areas include intrusion detection, access control, network monitoring, analysis of malicious code detection, digital watermark and intelligent information processing, etc.

  6. Research Center on Digital Media Computing
  As part of Software School of Xiamen University, the Center for Digital Media Computing of Xiamen University was founded in June 2009, dedicated to meeting the significant demand in the digital media industry of the country and the society. The main research directions involve three-dimension simulation & calculation, data mining & computer vision, more specifically the digital 3D dynamic holographic simulation, virtual reality, intelligent algorithm & industrial process simulation, medical image processing, biometrics, computer vision, pattern recognition, data mining, intelligence analysis, and so on. The center aims to carry out basic, important and frontier interdisciplinary researches to be an open, comprehensive and international research platform bystrengthening international academic and technological exchanges and promoting cooperation with internationally renowned research institutions.There are fifteen faculty members (3 professor, 7 associate professors and 4 assistant professors), 2 doctoral candidates and 16 master degree candidates in the center. In recent years, the team has presided over 60 projects from the National Science and Technology Support Program, the National Natural Science Foundation, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology Department of Fujian Province, Fujian Provincial Economic and Trade Commission, and other organizations, and has published 8 academic books and over a hundred papers (more than 80 of which were indexed by SCI and EI). Besides, 4 national patents and more than 30 software copyright certificates have been held by the team.

  7. IOT (Internet of Things) and IT R&D Center            
  Based on the academic advantages of Software School of Xiamen University and driven by the IOT industry requirements in Fujian Province and Xiamen economic zone, the center is dedicated to the solution of internet information and application of IOT industry. Main researches include the IOT information and application and the embedded technology of manufacturing information and application, intelligence technology based on IOT and cloud computing, human behavior recognition technology in the wireless sensor network environment, the digital image recognition technology based on RFID, the sensor network and the location technology in RFID environment, etc. There are 10 faculty members: 1 professor, 5 associate professors, 1 senior engineer, 1 lecturer and 2 engineers. The center has undertaken 8 national or provincial research projects and more than 50 different kinds of   research projects. Also, it has won the second prize of provincial technology progress award once and the third prize for 3 times. In addition, more than 60 papers have been published in academic journals both at home and abroad. The center has been in close cooperation with Taiwan Adan Electronic Enterprise Co., Ltd, Zijin Mining Group Limited Co., Ltd., Xiamen Jingtu Information Co., Ltd., Xiamen Civil Aviation Kaiya Co., Ltd., Xiamen Xinda Technology Co., Ltd., Xiamen Haishi Technology Co., Ltd., and Xiamen Dayi Management Insulting Co., Ltd. and so on.

  8. Research Institute of Software Engineering
  Research Institute of Software Engineering is an academic institution that focuses on the research and practice of the related field of software engineering. It integrates teaching and research closely, and establishes a wide range of academic and technical exchanges and cooperation with researchers and practitioners in the field of software technology to promote the quality of teaching and research. Main researches involve basic theory and technology of software engineering, software processing and IT management, object-oriented method and technology, agile development method and industrial application platform, software architecture framework development technology.

  In December 2011, authorized by Fujian Economic and Trade Commission, Fujian Province Technology Development Base of Digital Media Creativity and Design was established with the support of the Software School, Art School, School of Humanities, School of Journalism and Communication of Xiamen University. The main task of the base is to take advantages of domestic and foreign technology resources to help companies of digital media carry out innovation activities in Fujian Province, and provide public service platform for related companies.

  In December 2011, approved by Science and Technology Bureau of Xiamen Municipal Government, Xiamen Technology Research Center of Digital Media Innovation and Design was established by the School of Software. The center aims to conduct research on core technology, R&D of original works, public services and talents training, especially the areas of three dimensional animation and virtual reality, game engine and real-time rendering, creative designing and demonstration and embedded flow media.

  The Research Institute of Software Engineering makes full use of the advantages of Fujian Technology Development Base of Digital Media Creativity and Xiamen Technology Research Center on Digital Media Innovation and Design to carry out in-depth cooperation with relevantcompanies and actively applies fornational and provincial projects, and projects sponsored by Ministry of Education, and commissioned projects from enterprises.