Brief Introduction on Postdoctoral Research Station of Computer Science and Technology

. Overview

  The Discipline of Computer Science and Technology in School of Software of Xiamen University has established a high-end talent cultivation system, includingpost-doctoral research station,key national fields of study in doctoral degree program, master program andbachelor degree program in Engineering.

  The Discipline of Intelligence Science and Technology, one of the key provincial disciplinesin Fujian, is collaborated with Department of Computer Science, Department of Intelligence Science from School of Information Science & Technology, and School of Software Engineering. The disciplines of Computer Software & Theory and Software Engineering arekey disciplines of secondclass in Fujian Province, possessing ‘Fujian Key Laboratory of Brain-likeIntelligence System’and‘Fujian Key University Laboratory of Intelligence Information Technology’, etc.The Software Engineering program is honored with ‘Innovative and Experimental Base for Training Talents in Fujian’,‘2nd Category of Characteristic Discipline Development Center of Fujian Province’ and ‘National Innovative and Experimental Base for Training Talents’.Its Postgraduate Program is awarded as Educational and Innovative Base for Graduate Students in Fujian Province; and itsTeaching &Experimental Center as ‘Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center in Fujian Province’and ‘International Training Base (Xiamen) for National Software & IC Engineering Talents.

  A highly effective teaching and scientific research teamof more than a hundred faculty has joined in the discipline, among which more than 80%of the faculty possess doctoral degrees and young teachers under the age of 40 accountmore than 70% of the faculty. Fruitful research work iscarried out in the following specific areas such as software algorithm & theory, system software & software engineering, database theory & application, computer vision & machine learning, AI system, intelligent multimedia technology, natural language processing, big data processing & computational intelligence, DM methods, soft computing method & application, biological information processing, spatial awareness& remote sensing information processing, and other specific areas.Faculty and studentsin this field actively involve themselves in scientific researchesand undertake a large number of research projects, including National Key Technology R&D Program, National 973 Project, National 863 Project, National Key Instruments Project of Natural Science, National Outstanding Youth Fund, Fujian ProvincialScience and Technology Key Projects Fund, GAD Budgetary Fund, and a large number of research programs entrusted by government departments and enterprises.

  The Postdoctoral Research Station of Computer Science and Technologywarmly welcomesexcellent PhD graduates to join.

. Main PhD supervisors of the Postdoctoral Research Station of Computer Science and Technology

  Professor MinghongLiao *, Professor Beizhan Wang *, Professor Huailin Dong *, Professor Junfeng Yao *, Professor WenhuaZeng *, Professor QingfengWu *