The Overview of Undergraduate Programs at Software School

  The Software School of Xiamen University is one of the 35 national demonstrativesoftwareschools approved by the Ministry of Education and the National Development and Reform Commission. It consists of Department of Software Engineering and Digital Media Technology. Driven by the demands for competitivesoftware personnel, the Software School of Xiamen University has been carrying outa series of reforms in teaching mode, curriculum system, teaching content and teaching methods, with reference to the world advanced experiences, aiming to cultivate internationally competitive software talents.

  The school has establisheda comprehensive cooperation withthe world’sfamous IT companies such as IBM, Microsoft, Intel, Google, Oracle, Citigroup software. It also closely cooperates with the software enterprises from some China’s famous companies including Baidu, Tencent, Kingdee, ChinaSoftInternational and Information Technology Department of China Construction Bankin the area of joint research and development, technical certifications,awards and sponsorshipsfor teaching & learning, campus scientific competitions, internships, recruitmentsand technicalservices etc.

  The Software School has a high-quality team of faculty withgood educational backgrounds, professional titles and practical experience in teaching and research. In the meantime some well-known professors and expertsfrom the USA, Canada and India also join in the team. The school is adopting advanced teaching mode and offering some major core courses in English using the latest and original English textbooks to keep in line with the world.For example, the course ofEngineering Practice &Skills is offered to students using famous international software tools and products. The schoolorganizes and implementsteaching activities in accordance with the common international rules and promotesthe bilingual teaching in Chinese &English and English teaching accordingly.

  The Software Schoolattaches great importance to comprehensively improving the overall quality of students, encouraging students to attend interdisciplinary elective courses, lectures, academic competitions, and team cooperation training courses, so as to enhancestudents' communication skills, presentation skills, negotiation skills and team spirit.

  Students are enrolled under academic classification of software engineering in the first year and are entitled to choose the subjectSoftwareEngineering or Digital Media Technology in the second academic year according to personal interests and the individual potentiality. Students can not only apply for various kinds of scholarshipsprovided by the university, also they can applyin the third or fourth year for manyspecial scholarshipsprovidedby the Software School of Xiamen University itself.

Department of Software Engineering

  The Department of Software Engineering
The program of software engineering is intended to cultivate students with good science literacy and teamwork spirit. To be more specific, students are expected to systematically master solid knowledge of software engineering theory, related methods and skills. Besides, studentsare supposedto have strong capability in analyzing and designing the software project,encoding, management and maintenance in order to adapt to the latest development of international IT industry, and prepare themselves to be qualified professional engineering personnel to be engaged in R&D of software system, project management and services etc.

  Main courses:calculus, linear algebra, probability and statistics, discrete mathematics, computer composition principle, program design, object-oriented analysis & design, data structure, algorithm analysis, operating system, database system, computer network, software engineering introduction, demand analysis, software testing, software project management, software platform, software architecture, mobile computing, big data processing, embedded system, data mining, multimedia technology, information security, virtual reality, network game design, parallel computing.

  Students upon graduation can pursue their further study for master or doctoral degrees in graduate schools of the prestigious universities both at home or abroad through school’s recommendation or relevant exams. Or, they can also engage in related work insoftware R&D, project management in IT-related enterprises, government departments or other institutions.

Department of Digital Media Technology

  The program of Digital Media Technology is aimed to train students to be professional IT personnelwhoare well developed in science, art and aestheticsand have solid theoretical foundation, working skills and artistic accomplishmentsto meetthe requirements of the rapid development of today’s digital society. To be specific, they are supposed to master computer animation, game development, online games andHCI techniquesand other digital media knowledge andwill be able to skillfully conduct artistic creation and design by way of the latest digital technology and relevant knowledge.

  Main courses: calculus, linear algebra, probability and statistics, discrete mathematics, program design, data structure, algorithm analysis, operating systems, database systems, computer networks, software engineering, multimedia technology, computer graphics, principles of animation, 3D modeling, man-machine interaction theory, database theory, digital image processing, artificial intelligence, art foundation, introduction of digital media, nonlinear editing technology, character design, audio-visual language, digital synthesis technology, computer vision, virtual reality, computer composition principle, design psychology, Mel program design and development.

  Students upon graduation can pursue their further study for master or doctoral degrees in graduate schools of the prestigious universities both at home or abroad through school’s recommendation or relevant exams. Or, they can engage in digital video, computer animation, online games, education or related scientific research and management in related enterprises, governmental departments or other institutions.