Software School of Xiamen University

  The Software School of Xiamen University is one of the 35 national demonstrative software schools approved by China’s Ministry of Education and former State Development Planning Commission. Established and run in accordance with new system and mode, the Software School of Xiamen University consists of Department of Software Engineering and Department of Digital Media Technology, possessing a national first-grade postdoctoral station in computer science and technology and other authorities and honors. To be specific, the program of Computer Software & Theory is granted as “Fujian Key discipline”, and Software Engineering program is granted as “National Innovative & Experimental Base for Training Talents” and “Innovative & Experimental Base for Training Talents in Fujian” and “2nd Category of Characteristic Discipline Development Center of Fujian Province”. Its Postgraduate Program in Software Engineering is granted as Educational and Innovative Base for Graduate Students in Fujian Province, its Teaching & Experimental Center as ‘Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center in Fujian Province’ and ‘International Training Base (Xiamen) for National Software & IC Engineering Talents.

  The Software School, having an area of 18,000 square meters, with its beautiful sea view and natural landscape, is located in the vicinity of Xiamen Software Park. The Administrative Building, Teaching Building, Lab Building and the Research & Development Building, which are equipped with first-class hard and soft facilities for teaching, research, experiments and practice, are designed for a capacity of 3000 full-time students and faculty. The school has established Teaching & Research Center, Software R & D Center, “Fujian Key Laboratory of Brain-like Intelligence System”, “Fujian R & D Center on Digital Media Creativity & Design”, “Xiamen Engineering, Technology Research Center on Digital Media & Creative Industry” and “Information Platform for 985 Project University. 

  With reference to the international practices and experiences of talent development mechanism, the Software School of Xiamen University will adhere to high-level teaching and scientific research and cultivate internationally competitive software personnel to meet the demands for the market in this field. Adopting the advanced teaching concepts and methods worldwide and excellent textbooks, the Software School offers bilingual and world authentic IT frontier systematic courses and organizes the class activities based on the international prevailing practice of teaching. At present, the Software School has built up multi-level and multi-channel cooperation with a number of prestigious oversea IT enterprises and universities including MICROSOFT, IBM, BEA, ORACLE, SYBASE, SUN, DELL, Citibank, MIT and Carnegie Mellon University as well as some large-scale domestic software enterprises in terms of joint research and development, technical certification, studying, teaching and research scholarships, campus scientific and technological activities, graduation practice, employment and technical support services. In addition, the Software School of Xiamen University has established an international joint internship base CHECK-IN with other seven universities in Netherlands and Finland.

  The Software School offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Software Engineering and Digital Media Technology, aiming to cultivate high qualified personnel in software development and management. The School currently has 1074 students, among whom, 720 are undergraduates, 258 MSE students, 78 MS students and 18 PhD students. In the past ten years, graduates have been welcomed by their employers and the employment rate of full time graduates from Software School of Xiamen University reached 98.5%. 436 undergraduate students have been recommended and exempted from admission exam for graduate schools for further study, 303 of whom went to graduate schools in Beijing University, Tsinghua University, CAS, Nanjing University, Zhejiang University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, etc.

  The school has a teaching and administrative staff of 72, including 37 faculty members, 12 of whom are professors and 18 associate professors. 32 of the faculty have achieved doctoral degrees and 3 have achieved master degrees. The school also has 14 part-time lecturers and experts from other universities and enterprises from home and abroad, one of whom are “Minjiang Scholar” endowed professors. Some specialists who are highly experienced in large project of software development are often invited to give lectures.

  The Software School will adhere to the university motto “to strive constantly for perfection” and make full use of the disciplinary advantages and geographical privilege of Xiamen University, so that to form its own characteristics and to build itself into a base of prominent scale with international standards for training multilevel, compound and practical software talents and better qualify itself for the national demonstrative software colleges with considerable influences and distinct characteristics.