CHECK-IT Activities--Bobing game
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October 4th was the Mid-Autumn Festival, one of the most important festivals in China. On this day, we often eat mooncakes and play games for celebration. In order to celebrate with all the CHECK-IT members together, we postponed the Bobing game to October 12th, the day we held a welcome meeting for the new comers as well.

After the welcome meeting, all Dutch and Chinese students were divided into 4 groups by drawing lots. A lot of prizes were ready, including cookies, jellies, clocks, pillows and so on. When rolling the dices, the more 4you get, the better prizes you will win.

Almost two hours passed and all the groups ended their Bobing game. Finally, Daniel, Jorrit, Jacky, Thomas won the best prizes! Everybody also got a lot of awards. What a wonderful day!