Computer Science of XMU crosses ESL threshold for the first time to rank top 1%
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According to the data base of the Essential Science Indicators (ESI) provided by the Library of XMU, which was updated on May 12 this year, the computer science of XMU has met the bar for the first time to enter the top 1% of ESI global ranking.


Statistics showed that there are a total of 548 papers in computer science of XMU that have been listed in ESI. The total number of citation counts has reached up to 2895, with each paper 5.28 cites on average.


ESI is a fundamental tool of analysis and assessment intended for evaluating the performance of scientific researches and tracing the trend of scientific development, and the ESI data base is updated every two months. According to the latest data, there are up to now 11 disciplines of XMU that have ranked among the first 1% in the ESI globally, including chemistry, material science, engineering, biology & biochemistry, clinical medicine, environment & ecology, plant and animal science, mathematics, computer science, agricultural science, and social sciences.




Edited by Li Zhiruo & Zhou Jin