The Closing Ceremony of CHECK-IT Group 15 Successfully Held
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(By Jiang Liyan) The closing ceremony of CHECK-IT (China Holland Educational Competence and Knowledge Center on IT) was held in the Multimedia room in Keyan Building No.1 at Haiyun Campus of Xiamen University on 10th of January 2017. Deputy Dean of Software School of Xiamen University Mr. Lin Kunhui, Assistant professors Ms. Zheng Yan, Mr. Huang Wei and Mr. Zhang Zhihong, Foreign Affairs Secretay of Software School of Xiamen University Ms. Li Jing CHECK-IT Dutch coordinator Mr. David Dankers, Chinese lesson teacher Trista, Journalist of Common Talk of Xiamen Daily Ms. Long Jin and all the students of Check-IT group 15 attended this event.


The closing ceremony started at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, Ms. Li Jing hosted the closing ceremony. At the beginning, deputy dean Mr. Lin Kunhui gave us a speech. He acknowledged the achievements of the Check-IT and hope that CHECK-IT students could become friendly messengers of the two countries. After that, the Chinese teacher, Huang Wei, gave a speech. He shared his experience at Check-IT in the past four months, and expressed his appreciation for the cooperation between the Chinese and Dutch students on the project and the innovation and breakthroughs they’ve made. David Dankers, the Dutch resident teacher, shared his unforgettable memories with all Dutch and Chinese students, the success of the cultural event, and the cross-culture cooperation between the students of China and the Netherlands. He hope that the friendship between the students will be continued. After the speech by the leaders and instructors, project manager Ms. Zheng Yan, led us to review the achievements of all the project groups of the 15th CHECK-IT. She introduced the topics of the project teams and gave a summary of the highlights of the project, the cooperation and the technique that used during the project development. During this period, we saw the excellence of the 15th CHECK-IT students and the success of cross-cultural collaborations. Finally, the leader and teachers presented the certificate to each of CHECK-IT students. The students were rewarded with the results of their efforts and witnessed their growth with the teachers and students of CHECK-IT. Finally, we got into the awards section. In recognition of the outstanding contributions of the students, we specially set up the best IT technology group, the best IT innovation group, the best Scrum Master, the best IT contributors, the best cultural ambassadors, the best student leadership and other awards. The students who won these awards go on the stage one by one to accept the award and take pictures with the teachers. The students were greatly encouraged.

At last, the 15th group of CHECK-IT internship ended with success.