Software School held Dutch Culture Event
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The CHECK-IT Dutch Culture Event of Software School of Xiamen University was held at the Sanjiacun Student Activity Square on 8th, December. Mr. He Hong, cultural officer of the Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Guangzhou, Mrs. Wu Guo Ying, Director of Admissions Office of Xiamen University, Mrs. Yu Hong Bo, Deputy Director of Office of International Cooperation and Exchange of Xiamen University, Mr. Chen Si Lin, Deputy Director of Office of Student Affairs of Xiamen University, Mr. Liao Ming Hong, the Dean of Software School of Xiamen University together with some other leaders, teachers, representatives of Dutch entrepreneurs in China attended this event. Mr. He Hong, Deputy Dean Yu Hong Bo and Dean Liao Ming Hong gave speeches for the Event.

This event was organized by CHECK-IT, Software School. CHECK-IT is short for China-Holland Educational Competence and Knowledge Center on Information Technology. The event presented Dutch culture by exhibition, traditional Dutch costume display, Dutch food tasting and traditional Dutch games. The event was held at the same time the Dutch people were celebrating Sinterklaas and attracted a lot of students, teachers and tourists. Many Dutch people in Xiamen also came to Xiamen University to join celebrating this festival. Dutch students at CHECK-IT put on a Sinterklaas costume. That is, red robe, white beard and long scepter. There were also many Dutch students in traditional Dutch clothing handing out all kinds of food.

CHECK-IT is an organization founded by Xiamen University, Leiden University and other Universities in the Netherlands. It offers internship opportunity to students from China and Europe. Students are grouped with students from other cultures and they are assigned with real projects from real companies. Check-IT center also provides students with cross-culture activities primarily aimed at developing cross-culture communication skills. The Check-IT program has been held for 15 groups. 292 students from Xiamen University and 243 students from Europe have participated in the program.