Joint conference of deans of Exemplary Schools of Software held by the school
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  On Nov. 13th, the 2016 joint conference of deans of Exemplary Schools of Software at the Ministerial Level was held at the Science and Art Center of Xiamen University. The host of the joint conference is the League of Exemplary Schools of Software. And the School of Software in Xiamen University, The Chinasoft International together with Xiamen ETC Limited Company are the organizers of this event. The number of people attending this joint conference added up to 96, including the consultant of the Technology Division of Higher Education Department in the Ministry of Education Hou Yongfeng, the director-general of Exemplary Schools of Software Lu Wei, deputy party secretary of Xiamen University Lai Hongkai, the director of Management Center of Shenzhen Software Park Xu Shaoyu, director of the Intel International Universities Cooperation project Ms. Kaye as well as deans and secretaries from 36 Exemplary Schools of Software at the Ministerial Level. Some representatives of enterprises and several former deans and secretaries of part of Schools of Software also attended this conference. Representatives attending the conference looked back on both the hardships and achievements in the past 15 years since the establishment of Exemplary Schools of Software. Besides they had a discussion on the talents' training, profession certification, the education of innovation and entrepreneurship、 the reform of higher education、the corporation of schools and companies、training of teachers、international construction、the certificate of practice base、the competition of software innovation of college students、the construction of MOOC of software schools and so on. New units as the chairman and vice-chairman were chosen.