The 15th Opening Ceremony of CHECK-IT
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    The 15thOpening Ceremony of China-Holland Educational Competence and Knowledge Center on IT (CHECK-IT) was held on 12th September,2016, at No.1 Research Building of Haiyun Campus, Xiamen University.

    The Ceremony began at 9am hosted by Ms. Li Jing, the Foreign Affairs Secretary of Software School of Xiamen University. Five lecturers from Holland and China attended the ceremony along with 16 Dutch students from Dutch universities and 23Chinese students from Xiamen University. Firstly, Professor Lin Kunhui, the Deputy Dean of Software School of Xiamen University welcomed warmly all members of CHECK-IT Group 15 by sending his best wishes to all members. Next, Dutch resident teacher Mr. David Dankers along with Chinese lecturer Ms. Zhen Yan, Mr. Huang Wei and Mr. Zhang Zhihong from Software School of Xiamen University introduced themselves, sending their best wishes to all the students who joined the 15th CHECK-IT. Then, Dutch and Chinese students took turns to do self-introductions.

    After every student shared their interests and basic information, Ms. Zheng Yan delivered an introduction of the history, culture, and pleasant views of Xiamen city and Xiamen University. Ms. Li Jing introduced them the regulations of Check-IT, and the projects to be chosen. The ceremony came to an end successfully.